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Email: kathaksf@gmail.com
Phone: 415-810-1748

Class locations
Janet Pomeroy Center 
Dance studio
207 Skyline blvd.
San Francisco Ca 94132


2454 47th Ave.
San Francisco Ca 94116

Mondays starting 01/09/23 thru 05/22/23 (no classes on 01/16, 02/20, 4/10) 
5:30 - 6:15 pm Gujarati beginners age 6 and up (in-person and remote)
6:30-7:30 Dance Adult

Fridays 01/06/23 thru 05/26/23 (no classes on 02/03, 04/07, 04/14)
5:00 - 6:00pm Gujarati under 6 
6:00-7:00 Dance 5-11

Our expectations:

  •   Arrive 5-10 minutes before the class and bring your educational materials if applicable 
  •   Carry a water bottle and anything else you may need during the session (snacks if signing up for multiple sessions)
  •   Complete any assignments given in the class by the due date so that we continue to progress rapidly with our learning. 
  •   Be consistent with your classes and treat it just like you would treat any other education in your life. 
  •   Have patience and a positive attitude towards learning, as success comes with consistent efforts over time.
  •   Pick up your child in a timely manner as I do not have after hour child care and the place needs to be vacated in a timely   manner to avoid penalty fees
  •   Your child is comfortable in attend group classes and ready for the activity

Attire for dance: Salwar Kurta or Kurta and leggings (knee length top, ankle length leggings). No sleeveless, no low necks.

Attire for other classes: dress comfortably and be prepared to get messy in art class

Hair: Hair must be tightly secured in a ponytail or a plait. No loose hair or bangs on the face.

If participating in performances be prepared to come for rehearsals

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